1986 – Barnard Castle School

1986 – Barnard Castle, County Durham

Barnard Castle School Chapel

Specification: mechanical action with electric stop action.


Open Diapason 8’

Chimney Flute 8’

Octave 4’

Flute* 4’

Nazard 2 2/3’

Fifteenth 2’

Tierce 1 3/5’

Mixture II-III

Sharp Mixture II

Trumpet 8’



Open Diapason* 8’

Stopped Diapason* 8’

Salicional* 8’ (TC)

Voix Celeste* 8’ (TC)

Principal* 4’

Fifteenth 2’

Mixture III

Contra Oboe* 16’

Cornopean* 8’



Subbass* 16’

Violone* 8’

Gemshorn 8’

Fagot 16’

Gt/P   Sw/P   Sw/Gt

The 19th century case is of uncertain origin and was attached to the previous instrument

19th century pipework*, except the strings which came from the T.C.Lewis organ in St Hilda’s, Darlington.

2008 – modified by Principal Pipe Organs of York with some revoicing and repair of pipework, a new console, with new electric stop action, additional swell shutters on the roof of the box, fretted panels inserted into the lower case sides, and a new Trumpet 16’ on the Pedal replacing the Fagot 16′.