1981 – Practice Organ, Manchester

1981 – Manchester, Lancashire.

Royal Northern College of Music.

Specification: mechanical action throughout.

Manual I

Chimney Flute 8’

Spitz Flute 4’

Principal 2’

Manual II

Gedackt 8’

Spitz Flute 4’

Principal 2’


Bass Flute 8’

This was the first of three similar instruments, the others being built for private clients in Nottingham (1984) and New York (1985).

The Spitz Flute 4′ and the Principal 2′ are available on either manual and the Pedal Bass Flute 8′ is permanently on.

1981 – Shown at the St Alban’s International Organ Festival and subsequently sold to the RNCM in Manchester.

2018 – Restored by Goetze & Gwynn and relocated to Leeds Roman Catholic Cathedral Choir School.

The first photograph appears on the Goetze & Gwynn website. Other photographs were taken by the author in March 2024, and it appears that the facade pipes and many of the smaller pipes have been removed (possibly stolen?).