1975 – House Organ, Hartlepool

1974 – Hartlepool, Cleveland.

Private Residence of Mr Stanley Arthur.

Specification: mechanical action throughout.


Gedackt 8’

Chimney Flute 4’

Gemshorn 2’

Mixture II

Sesquialtera II


Sordun 16’


Designed and built by Nigel Church.

Manual pipework contained within a swell box with plate glass shutters.

An opening recital was given by Dr Francis Jackson (York Minster) for around 20 invited guests.

Circa 2001 – temporarily set up in St Mary’s Church, Hart, Cleveland.

Circa 2004 – purchased by Alistair McCartney, Organ Builder, Belfast, Northern Ireland, for Peter Hunter. 

2016 – moved to a new house by the Wells Kennedy Partnership, Lisburn, County Antrim.