1973 – Ponteland URC

1973 – Darras Hall, Ponteland, Northumberland.

Ponteland United Reformed Church.

Specification: mechanical action to manuals and couplers, electric action to pedals and drawstops.


Gemshorn 8’

Rohr Flute 8’

Principal 4’

Wald Flute 4’

Mixture II


Gedeckt 8’

Hohl Flute 4’

Principal 2’

Spitzquinte 1 1/3’


Subbass 16’

Bass Flute 8’ (extension)

Octave Flute 4’ (extension)

Gt/P   Sw/P   Sw/Gt

Built into a chamber on the north side of the sanctuary.

The Great organ is behind the facade on the left hand side, and the Swell is above the console on the right hand side.

The Pedal pipes are on a unit chest located between the two divisions.

The church closed in 2022 and the fate of the organ has yet to be determined.