1972 – Salford University

1972 – Salford, Lancashire.

Salford University Music Department, Maxwell Building.

Specification: mechanical action throughout.

Manual I

Stopped Diapason 8’

Principal 4’

Twelfth 2 2/3’

Octave* 2’

Manual II

Gedackt 8’

Koppelflöte* 4’

Principal 2’

Sifflöte 1 1/3’


Bourdon 16’

Principal 8’

Fifteenth 4’

Schalmey 4’

I/P    II/P    II/I

Designed and built by Nigel Church.

The organ stood for a short time in St Mary’s Church, Whitley Bay, in the hope that the church might purchase it. During that time an opening recital was given by Dr. Francis Jackson (York Minster).

It was subsequently enlarged with the stops marked * and sold to Salford University.

2001 – organ removed during a reordering of the Peel Hall.

2001 – Gedackt 8’ and Principal 4’ were incorporated into an organ built by Wood of Hudderfield for St Peter’s Anglican Church, Chorley, Lancashire.