Come down, O love divine

GIA have published Paul Ritchie\’s anthem based on Ralph Vaughan Williams hymn tune \’Down Ampney\’. The anthem begins and ends with a choral fanfare based on a traditional African prayer invoking the Holy Spirit, and with the verses of \’Come down, O love divine\’ as the central section. Verse 1: unison voices and organ, Verse 2: SATB fauxbourdon with the melody in the bass line, Verse 3: SATB unaccompanied, Verse 4: unison voices with descant and alternative organ harmonies. It is intended that the congregation shall take an active part in singing this anthem, but be aware that the words are not exactly the same as those found in most UK hymn books, so printed word sheets may be required. To view sample pages click on this link or on the title above.